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The Food Industry Association: FMI

One industry ally who shares education and support with the Emerge program and our member community is FMI, the Food Industry Association. FMI works on behalf of the entire industry to advance a safer, healthier and more efficient consumer food supply.

Other industry allies to the Emerge program include SNAC International, the Upcycled Food Association, the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs and other leaders from across the food and grocery retail industry.

FMI Member Directory

Because together we want to help as many early-stage CPG founders scale sustainably, we’re pleased to provide free access to this directory, helping early-stage founders meet the right industry connections to support their growth goals across retail, e-commerce, food safety, private brands and more!


Get started with an FMI member search. You can sort by company type, such as retailer, wholesaler, importer/exporter and supplier–or download the complete directory.


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Service Supplier Directory

Service Supplier Directory

Looking for a specific type of service supplier? Access the comprehensive list of FMI associate members, including brokers, private brand manufacturers, packaging suppliers, financial advisers, consultants and more. You can sort by specific product categories.