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Learn how to strengthen your brand. Increase your cash flow. And grow profitably. 

Solve for your operations, logistics and financing needs. 

Access the right people, the right instruction and the right solutions. 

Thrive in the evolving CPG industry!

  • Annual Learning Pass

    • Access 1-Year of Essential CPG Instruction
    • Grow your business with trusted strategies, tools and actionable steps in critical areas like: cash flow management, getting to profitability, brand strategy, messaging, packaging, increasing your sales, events and trade shows, marketing, retailer Q&A, working with distributors, financing and raising capital, selecting the right brokers and more…
    • Get live answers to your questions, so you can move forward with clarity and certainty!
    • April 2024 Trainings: Expand Your Distribution with Alternate Models Mable & POD Foods
    • $897
    • Count me in! 
  • 90-Day Jumpstart

    • Strengthen your foundation
    • Solve for challenges hindering your progress
    • Increase your cash flow
    • Make better decisions with 1:1 guidance and personalized intros
    • Learn from your peers (fellow founders)
    • Increase your cash flow with live sales trainings
    • Gain clarity and make fewer mistakes
    • Where do you need help? Let’s Chat
  • Annual Growth Program

    • Transformative Growth
    • Strengthen Your Brand & Increase Your Sales
    • Improve Buyer Meetings with Data & Insights
    • Financing & Capital Solutions To Support Your Growth
    • Increase ROI at Trade Shows & Events
    • Meet The Right People. Achieve Your Goals Faste.
    • Make Fewer Mistakes, Get Better Results
    • 24/7 On-Demand Library
    • Gain National Media Exposure & Visibility
    • Up to 4 people from your team

Emerge Programs Include:

  • Access to nationwide community of CPG leaders
  • Mindset training so you can make better decisions and create the right opportunities
  • Access to a diverse peer entrepreneur community
  • Live monthly trainings to shorten your growth curve
  • Doors opened to the right industry experts, when you need them
  • Sales and distribution growth solutions: free trials, exclusive discounts, complimentary insights, trade show offerings and more!

*12-Month Program is a 12-month commitment. It is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-cancelable.

** Once started, 90-Day Jumpstart Program and Annual Training Pass are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-cancelable.

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